Current Treatment Plan

Updated 07/31/15


1) 3/4 1 grain tablet of Nature Throid.

Wait 30 minutes, then take…

2) 1  5 drops of A-L Complex by Byron White in 3 tsp of water

Wait 30 minutes, eat breakfast, then take:

3) 500mg of Flagyl once twice/day on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

4) 3mg Ivermectin on Sundays beginning with one tablet and working up to 4.

5) Mito Synergy’s Mito Lipo chelated copper, 1/2 tsp daily for mitochondrial support and work up to 1 tsp.

6) Hepa buy soma online us to us Plus, 2 capsules for liver support

7) OPC-C Vitamin C, 2 capsules for adrenal and antioxidant support

8) Lipo-Spheric Vitamin C, 1 packet for adrenal and antioxidant support

9) Ashwagandha tincture, 9 drops twice a day a working up to 15 drops twice a day for adrenal support.

10)  Interphase Plus, taking 1 capsule/day to break up biofilms

11)  HydroxyB12, taking 2,000 3,000mcg daily

12) Methylfolate, 400mcg/day

13) B6 in the form of P-5-P, 50 100mg/day

14) Sunflower Lecithin, taking 1 soft gel daily.

15) Pinella, 4-10 drops as need throughout the day to cleanse the brain and nervous system of neurotoxins and ammonia

16) 6,000 IU of Vitamin D per day

17) Vitamin K2, 1 drop per day

18) Bio-identical testosterone from a compounded pharmacy, 1 pump per day


19) 5 drops of A-Bart by Byron White in 3 tsp of water

20) 100 mg of Minocycline on an empty stomach

21) 500mg Azithromycin

Wait 30 minutes, eat lunch, then take:

22)  OPC-C Vitamin C, 2 capsules

23) Lipo-Spheric Vitamin C

24) Ashwagandha tincture, 9 drops.

25) Hepa Plus, 2 capsules

26) Pinella, 4-10 drops as need throughout to the day


27) 5 drops of A-L Complex in water. Wait 20 minutes, then take:

28) 5 drop of A-Bart in water. Wait 30 minutes, then take:

29) 100mg of minocycline

30) 500mg of Flagyl twice/day on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Wait 30 minutes, the have dinner.



31) 3Tbs of Bravo/GcMAF Probiotic. Currently working up 4 Tbs.

What is Bravo:

What is GcMAF:

Nagalase Levels:

How GcMaf Works:

My Nagalase levels as of April 23rd, 2015: 2.4


32) 100 mg of phosphatidylserine, helps reduce nighttime cortisol levels.

33) Clonazepam, 1.00-1.25mg nightly to decrease excitotoxicty and neuro symptoms in my brain. Also assists with sleep.

34) Soma, 350 mg twice per night. This medication is a muscle relaxer but has a side effect of drowsiness so it assists with sleep. I have found it virtually useless as a pain medication.

35) Gaba, 1,500 mg twice per night to help me relax and sleep.

36) 5 HTP, 100 twice per night, assists with sleep and mood.

37) Melatonin, 3mg twice per night to help fall asleep.

38) Magnesium Glycinate, 400mg once per night for relaxation and muscle pain.

39) Renew Life Probiotic, 50 billion

40) Saccharomyces Boulardii (beneficial yeast), 9 billion

41) Progesterone, 100mg suppositories used on day 14-27 of my cycle.

This is my current treatment protocol. However, it is constantly evolving based on new information, test results, side effects, negative reactions etc.

10 thoughts on “Current Treatment Plan

  1. Hi
    I’m suffering with lots of neuro symptoms from
    Lyme and co infections. Have g.i. Issues making it difficult to take meds. Your treatment sounds so holistic. Could u please give me name of your Nurse Practitioner?does she do phone consults?

  2. I am sorry for what you are going through. But Personally, I would be ditching any pharmaceutical drugs – including antibiotics. There is always unwanted side effects, and very often inadvertently puts another stress on your immune system. It’s clear by what you are saying that u have already “overburdened” your system with antibiotics, and this is going to do 2 negative things to you: 1. destroy your natural immunity/gut bacteria, and 2. allow the bacteria in your body to mutate and become resistance to that antibiotic through frequent use. Antibiotics are only meant as last stop measures. Try to find natural alternatives. Pharmaceuticals are banking on your remaining sick. I think a lot of those drugs are not needed, and are doing more harm. Was nagalese detected in your blood?

    • Thanks for the comment! Sounds like you are doing well, yes? I haven’t updated this treatment plan for almost a year, so it’s not current atm. I would never “ditch” anything that potentially can be life-saving and helpful to Lyme patients given that we are all so different and our access to treatment resources varies greatly. My choice to use antibiotics was the last measure after there were insufficient herbal protocols to treat secondary infections that I likely picked up while working at a hospital in the Dominican Republic many years ago. I’m very glad to hear you’ve found things that have helped you too. Yes, I did have elevated nagalase levels in 2015. You?

  3. Hi,
    I found this blog. I too suffer from Lyme and it is starting to really depress me. I also have fatigue and lately I am getting lightheaded along with vertigo. Typically, it comes in migraines and joint pain. I have two little kids and a career, so this is getting very upsetting. I have done everything from the holistic approach to the more traditional approaches. Where I live many doctors do not believe in Lyme and want to treat for other issues, even though I tested positive. This has been horrible and I am looking for any type of relief. Any suggestions are welcomed on how to overcome these horrible symptoms.

    • I’m so sorry you are going through this, Heather. Where I live, doctors also don’t believe in Lyme, so I work with a practitioner out-of-state. Is that an option for you? I wasn’t getting anywhere with local practitioners, so I had to make the difficult decision to go elsewhere. Now, I just use regular doctors for less complicated things and annual exams.

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