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Updated 07/31/15

Disclaimer:  I must emphasize this is MY detoxification plan.  Please do not begin a detoxification protocol of your own without the supervision of a trained health practitioner.  Thank you!

“When our detoxification system is overwhelmed, is overloaded, that’s when we start getting symptoms and get sick, but it may take years of accumulated stress and toxins to get to that point.”                               Dr. Mark Hyman MD

Detoxing is an integral part of beating Chronic Lyme Disease and minimizing the reactions caused when injured or dead bacteria release their endotoxins into the blood and tissues faster than the body can comfortably handle it. A sudden and exaggerated inflammatory response will usually ensue and an exacerbation of old symptoms, as well as a flare up of new symptoms, can occur.  This is known as a Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction, or “Herx” for short.

“Some of us are good at getting rid of toxins and waste, and others are not.”                                                        Dr. Mark Hyman MD

My  23 and Me genetics test revealed that I am not a good detoxifier in certain areas and I must work a bit harder than some people to assist my body with the removal of Lyme toxins as well as other toxins my body my be exposed to or have accumulated over the years.  Below is a list of what I am doing to improve my body’s detoxification methods and increase my chance of healing from this debilitating disease.  I must make mention to please talk with your doctor about creating your own detoxification plan.  Although a few of my methods may seem unconventional to some, I have incorporated them under the advisement of my Lyme Literate Medical Doctor and my Lyme Literate Nurse Practitioner.

1.  I Drink plenty of clean, filtered water each day.  At least 8-10 glasses

2.  I Eat organic produce, animal products and grass fed meats to eliminate toxins from food.  I have also eliminated gluten, white sugar and dairy, except for one cup of yogurt buy soma cod kefir a day.

3.  I use some sort of binding agent to bind to the toxins in the bowel and prevent reabsorption.  I have used Welchol but found it to be very strong for me.  I now use Detox Fiber by Garden of Life and it seems to work well for me.

4. I am addressing my MTHFR gene mutation using hydroxy b12, B6 in the form of P-5-P and methyl folate. I believe I have reached optimal doses of these.

5.  I drink water with lemon to help alkalize the body.

6. Exercise as tolerated.

7.  I try to implement dry skin brushing in the am and pm as well as a lymphatic drainage massage to assist with the elimination of toxins through the lymphatic system.  I am trained in lymphatic drainage so please consult with a professional if a lymphatic drainage massage is something you would like to incorporate into your detoxification plan.

8. I use a Far-Infared sauna two times/wk.

9.  I do a coffee enema 1 time/week.  I was initially very nervous about this but have found it quite easy to do.  This can be a controversial method of detox but my Lyme Literate Nurse Practitioner has found coffee enemas to be especially helpful for neurological symptoms.  She uses a protocol similar to the protocol at the Gerson Institute.

10. I do detox baths twice a week. My favorites are Epsom salt/hydrogen peroxide and activated charcoal.  I have found these to helpful to decrease neuro symptoms.

11. I have found acupuncture and gentle massage therapy to be very helpful at helping my body eliminate toxin, reduce pain and inflammation. I can no longer do this on a regular basis due to financial constraints, but it’s a nice treat once in awhile.

Detoxification is nearly a full-time job.  However, it is one that I must undertake in order to heal from Lyme Disease and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  I try to keep to as consistent of a schedule as possible and never push myself to do more than I feel I can handle.  Ever so slowly, I am seeing improvements in my condition and for that, I am very grateful.


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  1. Thank you for sharing your detox protocol. I appreciated seeing the whole list because you get a sense of the big picture – which clearly includes a heavy dose of Self-Care. Sometimes I am overwhelmed with all if the recommendations to “add this or add that”. Often less is more, but more of the right thing can lead to wellness (eg – for me, diet and magnesium have made an incredible difference). You know what they say in business – a 1% change can yield a 100% gain. Sometimes true for Lyme recovery too! There are so many options for patients overcoming the Lyme complex. To most people I would say choose your helpers (your wellness/healthcare team) and then stick to your plan with discipline, adjusting as necessary to deal with issues as they come up.

    • Thanks so much for your input LymeDiary! I very much appreciate it! I agree with all that you have said. It took me over a year to put this protocol together, making small changes by adding and subtracting various things over that year. I often felt overwhelmed by all the options out there and some of the protocols were much to intense for my fragile body to handle. There definitely were times when I had to advocate for myself and decide something was not right for me despite what may have worked for others. We all most find our own way down this very bumping road. Wishing healing on your Lyme journey!


  3. Wow. A friend of mine, Joel Miller, showed me your blog and i cannot tell you how much i can relate to your posts. I struggle a lot with similar issues! I’d love to talk more if you’re up for it. 🙂

  4. Thank you for sharing! I live in central Illinois, and have been battling Lyme disease for a few years now. I would love to know what you put into your green juice. Thanks!

    • Hi Megan,

      I actually use a product called Uber Greens for my green juices most of the time. Unfortunately, this company is going out of business so I am now on the search to locate a new, great-tasting green juice. My juicer needs an upgrade so that’s the reason I prefer to use a powdered green drink. Thanks for taking the time to post a comment!

  5. Hello-

    Asked my husband a million times to be free. He has responded as yours. Still wish I could spare him all this.

    Who are you using for medical? Who have you heard that is good? I found myself going all over for pieces of the picture but need a place that does the whole. Dr Klnghardt’s Sophia Health was amazing and felt so good BUT requires extensive specific spa treatments to keep detox pathways open that are not available near me and are very expensive plus cannot get anyone on the phone when you are in crisis. Or ever, really. Lovely talented group but too hard to do.

    Thank you for any ideas.

    We have to keep working on the physical but people like Louise Hay help us stop thinking of ourselves as sick which is hard when you hurt but when you can, tap into those levels where we are of course perfect. This takes work as well but a huge adjunct. We could not have gotten Lyme unless our immune systems were compromised, in my case I did not honor the limitations of my body, worked too hard my entire life, did not always nourish my precious vehicle, and had poor boundaries with people and things. I always think about boundaries now as Lyme invaded me but parts of me let it happen.

    This is a personal observation and journey for me which does not apply to all!

    Thank you for any help.

  6. Ok so I need to know, all of this is very expensive and time consuming. Do you work? Or do you collect disability? If you do, how did you do that? I have tried to apply and have been denied three times but I have a very difficult time working. We are financially drained, nothing left. My family either and I still need treatment. This treatment protocol sounds like exactly what I need how do I get on it.

    • Hi Amy,

      Unfortunately, I am still too ill to work, and I don’t receive disability. Thus, treatment is very challenging. I need to update my treatment protocol as it’s not accurate anymore. I sympathize very much with your situation. However, in my case, it’s only me receiving treatment and not my entire family. Also, I don’t have children as the length of time I’ve been battling Lyme has never afforded me that opportunity. We too have experienced immense financial drain and burden from this. Some of the things I’m doing to continue treatment despite financial hardship are:

      1) Using medications whenever possible (my insurance through the Affordable Care Act did a good job of covering these) and limiting the use of herbals. Now, I only use an herbal protocol if there isn’t a good medication alternative.
      2) My supplement list is much smaller, and I don’t take anything extra. Years ago, I stopped buying everything everyone suggested, and I wait to see how something impacts others before I invest in it. I wasted so much money in those early years taking supplements that were wrong for me and that my body couldn’t handle.
      3) The supplements that I routinely take are the supplements that support methylation, biofilm busters, vitamin D, liver support, and magnesium. Those I NEED, and I try to never run out of them. All the others, I buy when/if I have the extra money.
      4) I also space my appointments out more frequently–like every three months instead of two. I’ve had this illness for a long time, so I know how to ride the wave of the ups and downs.
      5) Rarely do I try a treatment fad, unless I see some people having good results with the treatment. Last year, I finally invested in an emerging treatment, and I’m not sure it was worth it. It’s still hard to tell. I don’t know; It might be the reason why Bart and Lyme are so low right now. Time will tell.
      6) I also try not to take on debt with respect to my treatment. If I can’t pay for it, I don’t do it.

      These are my personal choices for dealing with Lyme, but I know everyone is different. For me, if I can stay on my medications, maintain a core group of supplements, and follow budget-friendly adrenal support strategies and detox ideas, I’m not backsliding. In fact, I continue to make slow progress (albeit it’s a snail’s pace). But I’ll take any progress I can get. I hope this answers your question, as I know just how difficult it is to scrape together what little money you have to get treatment. I even sold my entire closet on eBay to help pay for my treatment last year! 200 items! Gone to treatment expenses.

      • Hi Amy,
        I have been fighting Lyme and 2 co-infections for over 5 years. I am home bound and often bedbound. I was a Speech/Language Pathologist for 20 years and due to getting put on 70mg of steroids for 6 months for a supposed bad case of bronchitis, I went from being perfectly healthy to homebound with almost every Lyme sx you could name in 3 months(I was collapsing, neuro sx, intense chest, foot, and headache pains, etc. Once my STD from work was over (6 mths) I didn’t want to apply for disability because “I am going to get better soon”. Well, soon didn’t happen, and financially we had to sell our home and live in a rental my parents owned. Two kids ready for college. So, against all odds, I decided to apply. Well, I gave them a novel. For the questions related to : how does this illness/condition affect your ability to perform your job and how does this condition affect your ability to perform your household duties. I listed every single task that I used to do in my daily life Sunday – Saturday and for each one explained what symptom of my “condition” didn’t allow me to do it anymore. I mean, we’re talking, driving, grocery shopping, cleaning the house, outdoor chores, cooking, doing laundry, etc. and then every part of what my job entailed. 75 pages of “you want to know how my life has been put on pause?? read away”. I got disability on that first try. You must be specific. Lyme and it’s co-infections didn’t only affect a portion of my life – they destroyed it – and I wasn’t going to give general answers. I talked about the fact that since I now have a vestibular disorder and can’t bend over without probably falling over – I listed every type of task, both work and home that I could not safely do. 75 pages baby!

  7. Thank you for your reply. I too have been sick a very long time since 1991. I have tried just about everything there is. Currently I am on no treat. The treatment I was on has drained our finances down to the point that our house needs paid and the utilities are on but it’s very tight. There’s nothing left for treat. When you can please send me a copy of your present regiment, maybe in time I can resume.

  8. Are you familiar with Dr. Jay Davidson, He has an at home lyme disease program that is very effective. Also, has an a consumer rife machine with a lyme protocol. It might be worth your while to take a look.

    • Thanks! Yes, I’m familiar with these, and I have some friends who have had some great benefit with the Spooky 2. I haven’t used it, but it’s on my every-growing to-do list. 😉

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