A Big Thank You Ravishly

Today, my first long-form essay went live on Ravishly. I was nervous and scared to write this piece, and I was flooded with an unexpected range of emotions. How could I write about the most challenging and dark time in my life? Well, I persevered, chipping away at the piece over a two-week period. I am very proud to say I did it! I was able to share my story and a story that mirrors the lives of so many other Lyme patients. I’m so proud to have accomplished this, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading it and find some hope in the story.

A big thank you to Ravishly for allowing me to write this cathartic piece!

Without further adieu, click here to read I’ve Never Met the Nurse Who Saved My Life.

2 thoughts on “A Big Thank You Ravishly

  1. Ruth is awesome! She helped my family and I immensely. After years of talking to her over the phone I finally got to meet her and thank her in person. She is brilliant and kind. Your story is truly touching. I am so happy you are getting better. I wish you the best in your future treatment and life. It gets better.

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