How to Find a Lyme-Literate Medical Doctor


Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters

I began my search for a knowledgeable doctor almost a decade ago. At that time, it was next to impossible to locate a physician that had in-depth training in Lyme disease and ME/CFS. I believed there were healthcare providers out there that could treat patients with the range of symptoms I was experiencing, but finding them was another story.

Fast forward to today.

Although finding a the right doctor for your needs can still feel like your trying to work your way through a maze, it’s much easier to gather information about healthcare providers. In my latest post for Healthgrades, I provide tips on How to Find a Lyme-Literate Medical Doctor. Click here to read the article.

Finding a doctor can be a daunting task. But don’t give up hope—they are out there and they can help you on the road to feeling better.