My Second Post On Mind Body Green: Bored Of Your Workout? 5 Reason To Give Pilates Another Shot

I have had a rough last several months. TODAY, there was a silver lining as I got my second article published on Mind Body Green this morning! I wrote most of this article from my bed, in small increments over many weeks as I suffered immense fatigue. I feel the most proud of this order soma online accomplishment as I know what a struggle it was to actually get it written.


And, it’s no secret I love Pilates!

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Pilates And Lyme Disease: My First Post On Mind Body Green


I awoke this morning to some wonderful news. An article I had submitted to Mind Body Green a few weeks ago has gone live!

After being bedridden and housebound for such a prolonged period of time, people often ask me, “What are you doing to regain your strength?”  Please click on the link, How Pilates is Helping Me Heal From Lyme Disease, to learn how The Pilates Method of exercise is an important tool in my recovery.

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