The Absent-Minded Patient And A Treatment Update

The other day, I couldn’t find my cell phone. I looked under the bed, on top of tables and shelves and literally under every scrap of paper in the house. It had vanished.

Where could it be? I hadn’t even left the house in a week due to a blizzard and not feeling well from changing up my treatment plan.

Suddenly, I had an inkling, a vague recollection of what I was doing when I last had my phone in my hand.

I ran to the kitchen and threw open the refrigerator door. There, on the top shelf next to a loaf of Udi’s Gluten Free bread, was my cell phone! (This would be the appropriate place to insert an emoticon- the one with the wide-open eyes and a line for a mouth that basically says, “Oops. I did something stupid.”)

As I reached in to grab my already chilled phone (I estimate it had been in there for about an hour) I said out loud to absolutely no one, “And this folks…This is a perfect example of why you too should have the Life Proof cell phone case!”

I’m sure everyone has left their phone in the refrigerator at least once, right?

cell phone photo

I have a legit excuse for my absent-mindedness. I promise.

About two weeks ago, my nurse practitioner decided it was time to intensify my treatment. This buy soma online fast generally leads to a few steps backwards as my body adapts to the changes. This time around however, the changes seemed to have stirred up some old symptoms with a vengeance.

We included the antibiotic, Flagyl, into my protocol to target bacteria that are in a specific form called, “cyst form.” This antibiotic packs a powerful punch and has left me feeling more fatigued than usual and foggy-headed (obviously).

I also said goodbye to my trusty companions of 16 months, Banderol and Samento, and added a more potent herbal formula, called A-L Complex, by Byron White. With an increase in joint pain, muscle spasms and a flare up of Interstitial Cystitis (an inflammatory bladder condition that I have had for 10 years), just one drop of this formula makes me feel like a car ran over me!

One measly drop!

I always say, “If I must go through this, at least it’s winter so I know I am not missing much.”

With today’s temp at a frigid 12 degrees, I feel sorry for anyone who has to leave the house!

Next week, I am meeting with my local Lyme doctor to discuss some strategies to deal with the increase in pain and fatigue I am experiencing. I hope he has some brilliant ideas for me.

To see my full, updated treatment plan, click here.


2 thoughts on “The Absent-Minded Patient And A Treatment Update

  1. I just found your site…3.5 years into Lyme (and friends, lots of friends) treatment and much like you are I used an amalgamation of antibiotics, naturals, homeopathics, plenty of Udi’s to stay gluten free etc. I just wanted to say that the A-L is a doozy (same with A-bart and A-bab) a real a** kicker but it works really well even if you can only tolerate 1 drop at a time. Actually I found the natural stuff to be tougher to handle than the antibiotics probably b/c that’s what I was raised on. Epsom salt + apple cider vinegar baths help (at least a cup of each) I find Jo Malone bath oils totally cover the salad dressing smell. Coffee enemas, tons of chlorella, glutothione, mundipur and opsonat also help with the detox/herx. Thanks for the blog, hoping to have time/energy to read more of it soon.

    • Thanks so much for your comment Bonnie! This is my first time using Byron White formulas. I was warned they were powerful. That’s an understatement! Thanks for the detox tips. I will be trying some of these out for sure. Wishing you continued healing.


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